The hiding place in the wild Misox

The old, listed post office in Verdabbio in the canton of Grisons has long served only as a residential building. Now it has been renovated and extended with the support of Grolimund + Partner AG.

The hiding place in the wild Misox

The result is a new annex, which is unobtrusively built into the landscape and does not compete with the main house. Thus, the new building stands slightly angled to the main house and practically invisible from the main road. The garden façade is built in timber frame construction, the back to the street as a solid concrete wall. Inside, the old and new rooms are lined up to form a long suite of rooms. Grolimund + Partner AG advised and accompanied the architect Paula Sansano in the structural-physical conception of the building envelope.

èbersich Misox

The interior is column-free and extends the rooms of the main house with new spatial quality. A corner window with bench opens the view over the main valley to the breathtaking Val Cama - it is part of the largest Swiss forest reserve outside the national park.

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