MQS Construction Experts at Grolimund + Partner AG

Grolimund + Partner AG accompanies you on your successful Minergie construction site

MQS Construction Experts at Grolimund + Partner AG

In order to offer you services tailored to your needs, the employees of Grolimund+Partner AG have undergone further training to become MQS construction experts, who are approved by Minergie to accompany a Minergie project during the construction phase.

After several years of experience, the Minergie association has identified gaps in quality assurance during realization. The new quality seal "MQS Construction Tested" now ensures quality assurance during all stages of construction. This ensures effective and targeted control of various aspects of the Minergie label. The "MQS Building Tested" quality seal thus enables the building owner to transfer the defined quality features of the Minergie standard from the planning stage to the realization stage.

You would like to build a house or a property with Minergie standard? Then do not hesitate to contact us - we will be happy to help you.


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