The house shows attitude - the odd man out on Zurich's Gold Coast

In Meilen on Lake Zurich, Pool Architekten have built an apartment building with the support of Grolimund + Partner AG. It has something peculiar, which is rare. That's probably why it found its way into the SonntagsZeitung.

The house shows attitude - the odd man out on Zurich's Gold Coast

Similarities with the artist's studio that formerly stood on the plot together with a single-family house are deliberate; a pavilion-like structure, floor-to-ceiling wooden windows, as well as natural and environmentally compatible materials, some of which are found on site: Nagelfluh panels and clay-casein coverings (jointless trowel floors) for the floors, white-washed interior walls made of industrial brick. Together with the architects, Grolimund + Partner AG realized superstructures and constructions outside the usual construction methods. Atmospherically dense rooms, sensuous materials and a communally used outdoor space in the existing tree population. In addition, the renunciation of an underground garage with two parking spaces per apartment, but a building that naturally follows the slope as if it had always stood here.

The building shows attitude, one would almost have to speak of a "house with soul".


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