Gerhard Schauberger

Grad. environmental engineer UAS, MAS EN building
Building physics / architectural acoustics

Area(s) of expertise

Building physics
Gerhard Schauberger


«G + P allows me to be active in various areas such as building physics, building and room acoustics or building simulations – not only through various calculations in the office but also through measurements on the construction site. Many older buildings are contaminated with pollutants (asbestos, PCB, PAH). As a building pollutant diagnostician and radon expert, I take care of people's health before renovations and deconstructions. In addition to the use and processing of low-pollutant and ecological materials, it is important to me that the indoor air quality (formaldehyde, VOC, CO2) is right in the end. Through product testing during construction and indoor air measurements at the end of construction, I take care of the comfort and well-being of the new occupants.»