Heat in Swiss cities - Supervised student work

In fall 2023, G+P supported four bachelor students from the University of WPI (Worchester Polytechnic Institute, near Boston, USA) with their project work on "Reducing the heat island effect in Swiss cities". To get to the bottom of this research topic, the four students interviewed representatives of authorities from around 20 Swiss cities.

Heat in Swiss cities - Supervised student work
Heat in Swiss cities - Supervised student work
Heat in Swiss cities - Supervised student work
Heat in Swiss cities - Supervised student work

Interview focal points

The interviews focused on the following points:

  • Affectedness of the city and relevance of the heat problem
  • Structural adjustments in the city administration in connection with heat
  • Measures/solutions implemented to reduce heat
  • Challenges and obstacles in implementing solutions

The four students were in Switzerland from the end of August to mid-October, where they conducted the interviews at the beginning of September. Both the interviews and the final report with all the results and conclusions were written in their native language, English. During their stay in Switzerland, the students were supported by supervisors from their university as well as by Grolimund + Partner AG. 

The students' project report can be downloaded from the following link:

Report - Mitigating the Heat Island Effect in Swiss Cities


Webinar - Presentation of the results

Due to their return to the USA shortly after the end of the project and the start of their new term, the students were unable to present their results to the project participants in person. Therefore, G+P organized a webinar with the consent of the students to present the project and the results on Wednesday, November 29. All project participants as well as representatives of authorities from other Swiss cities and municipalities were invited to this webinar.