Webinar - Green Roads

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Online TEAMS-Webinar.
Turning onto more sustainable roads of the future on Wednesday, March 6, 2024 from 3:30 to 5 p.m.

What environmental impact does the road system have? How can material cycles be closed and the ambitious sustainability targets achieved? Learn more about the roads of the future from experts.

Webinar - Green Roads

Join us in setting the course for sustainable mobility. Discover the environmental impact of the road system - from material extraction to use and disposal - at this specialist event. How sustainable is noise protection, for example, in this overall picture? You will also learn how valuable raw materials can be efficiently reused for future generations as part of the circular economy. In a panel of experts, we will discuss the challenges and solutions for achieving the set sustainability targets and net-zero emission paths.


  • Life cycle assessment of low-noise road surfaces: How sustainable is noise protection? (20')
    Johannes Schindler (G+P)

  • Building material cycle in road construction: status and prospects (20')
    Gregor Schguanin (arv Baustoffrecycling Schweiz)

  • Discussion panel "Turning onto more sustainable roads of the future: status, challenges and solutions" (40')
    ∘ Sandra Dünner (Walo Bertschinger AG)
    ∘ Fabian Traber (Bundesamt für Strassen ASTRA)
    ∘ Samuel Probst (Weibel AG)
    ∘ Gregor Schguanin (arv Baustoffrecycling Schweiz)
    ∘ Arthur Braunschweig (E2 Management Consulting)

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