The new boss

As the newly appointed CEO of Grolimund + Partner, I am delighted to share our and my plans and visions with you in my first blog post as CEO.

The new boss

On January 1, 2024, I took over the management of the company from Toni Ziegler. After 25 years on the Executive Board and seven years as CEO, Toni is stepping down from active management to devote himself to strategic tasks as Chairman of the Board of Directors and the management of our software team.

I have been part of the Grolimund + Partner team for over 15 years. We are built on a solid foundation characterized by innovation, commitment to the environment and tireless dedication to society. My goal is to build on this foundation and lead our success story into the future.

Our mission: Innovation for people and the environment

At G+P, we have made it our mission to develop innovative and intelligent solutions that benefit people and the environment. Our approach integrates the latest findings and technologies to achieve sustainable results. This philosophy is reflected in innovative developments in the areas of noise and quiet protection or advanced building physics.

Culture of excellence and innovation

The unique culture at G+P, characterized by highly qualified, intelligent and creative minds, inspires me every day. As CEO, it is my job to offer these brilliant minds the best possible environment in which they can fully develop and advance their skills.

Cooperation and innovation

These two topics are particularly close to my heart. I firmly believe that the challenges of our time can best be overcome through collaboration. We need to strengthen partnerships and form new collaborations in order to pursue innovative paths together.

The power of collaboration

At Grolimund + Partner, we are aware of the importance of strengthening partnerships and entering into new collaborations in order to jointly pursue innovative paths and create sustainable solutions. We strive to build a network of partners based on trust, mutual appreciation and the common pursuit of excellence.

Create synergies

By combining different perspectives and expertise with our partners, we can create synergies that go far beyond what we could achieve on our own. These synergies allow us to look at complex problems from different angles and develop creative, comprehensive solutions.

Achieving a long-term effect

Ultimately, it's about making a long-term impact. We strive for partnerships that not only achieve short-term success, but also have a lasting impact on our communities and the environment. By strengthening collaboration and innovation at Grolimund + Partner, we want to ensure that we make a positive and sustainable contribution to a better world.

I invite you to contact me directly if you are interested in working with me. I am personally committed to ensuring that every cooperation request is treated with the utmost commitment and interest. Let's work together to develop solutions that have a positive impact on our world.

The need for innovation in a changing world

The second major goal that I pursue as CEO of Grolimund + Partner is the development of new solutions. In a world that is constantly changing and facing new challenges, innovation is not only desirable but essential. At G+P, we strive to develop innovative concepts and technologies that proactively address current needs while anticipating possible future developments.

Challenges as a driver of innovation

As engineers, we see every challenge as an opportunity for innovation. We solve problems systematically and inventively, using scientific knowledge and technical possibilities to create practical and sustainable solutions. Our approach is to look at the world not only through the lens of existing technologies and methods, but to constantly think outside the box and break new ground.

Practical example: cool pavements

Our cool pavements are a prime example of our innovative spirit. This development impressively demonstrates how we at G+P use innovative approaches to create effective solutions for real problems. Not only do such coverings help to reduce temperatures in urban areas and thus improve the quality of life, but they also demonstrate our commitment to the environment and our ability to respond to the challenges of climate change.

Effectiveness: results-oriented action

Our aim is to achieve results that exceed our own expectations and those of our customers and partners. Every initiative and every project meets the highest standards of quality and sustainability.

I look forward to getting to know you personally and entering into a dialog with you. On behalf of the entire Grolimund + Partner team, I would like to thank you for your trust and support.

Together we will achieve a great deal.

Thomas Boss