Hooray - we have a new office!

We are very pleased to announce that our branch in Bern has moved to the VIDMARplus area in Liebefeld-Bern on December 19, 2022.

Hooray - we have a new office!
Hooray - we have a new office!
Hooray - we have a new office!
Hooray - we have a new office!
Hooray - we have a new office!

The joy of our new office is great :-)

Our new office in Berne offers significantly more space than before, so that we can continue to grow and develop as a company in the future. It is also equipped with standing desks, state-of-the-art conference rooms, several smaller meeting rooms / coworking spaces as well as various meeting zones, which significantly enhances the working atmosphere. It was also particularly nice for us that we were able to take over the new offices in the shell and thus contribute our expertise in acoustics, summer thermal insulation and also in building physics for once in our own project.

This move is also a sign of the success of our company, which would not be possible without the tireless efforts of our employees and the trust that our external partners and customers place in us. We are very proud to open this new chapter and are excited about what the future will bring in our new office.

Impressions of our new office shortly before moving in:


Our new address: 

Waldeggstrasse 42a
CH-3097 Liebefeld-Berne

Our old address:

Thunstrasse 101a
CH-3006 Berne

We would like to express our sincere thanks to all the people and companies involved for their active support, namely:


- Breitblick AG; Daniel Rindlisbacher (Arbeitsformen)
- Frey & Frey AG; Roman Curau, Theis Brüsehoff (Innenarchitektur, Mieterausbau)
- Rykart Architekten AG; Hanspeter Marmet, Simon Lenz (Grundausbau)
- Gruner AG; Christoph Hensel (Haustechnik)
- Lichtbau GmbH; Ruedi Steiner, Michaela Scheer (Lichtplanung)
- Scherler AG; Michael Masshardt, Nicolas Weber (Elektro)
- Flury & Flury GmbH; Matthias Flury, Yanick Flury (Schreinerei)
- Mood Food; Stefan Tschanz (IT)

Beteiligte Unternehmer:

- Refa Reymondin AG (Gipser-/Malerarbeiten)
- Sabag AG (Küche)
- Wirz Tapeten AG (Tapeten)
- Blaser (Tapeten)
- Springline AG (Glastrennwände)
- Aborein (Baureinigung)
- adtAcoustics, Annette Douglas Textiles AG
- Equans Services, Bern (Lüftungsanlage)
- FäWa-System AG (Gebäudeautomation)
- Art-Böden (Teppichbelag)
- Walker & Pestaj (Sanitäranlagen)
- Equans AG (Lüftungsanlagen)
- Walo Bertschinger (Abbruch und Unterlagsböden)
- Creadec (Akustikdecken)
- Swibox (Beschriftung)
- Diamantbohr (Kernbohrungen)
- Kilchenmann AG (IT-Infrastruktur Meetingräume)
- Das kleine Bröckli (Tische, Stühle)
- Atelier Tilija (Stühle)
- Hartmann Umzug
- Assmann (Mobiliar)
- Sofacompany (Mobiliar)
- Kaiser+Kraft (Garderobeschränke)

... and last but not least to our colleague Daniel Mathys, whose tireless efforts have contributed significantly to the success of this new office!