G+P at the Navel of Research: Participation in the Largest Acoustics Conference

Grolimund + Partner participated in the InterNoise22 conference in Glasgow, UK, from August 21 to 24, 2022. Here, G+P was the main author of two scientific papers and also co-author of another presented research paper.

G+P at the Navel of Research: Participation in the Largest Acoustics Conference


InterNoise is one of the world's largest and most important acoustic conferences. This year already the 51st edition was held. This year, for the first time, the conference was held physically again, as in the last two years it could only be held online due to Corona. During the conference, 20 different sessions were held to discuss, lecture and talk shop about the latest research results in the field of acoustics.

Contributions from G+P

G+P contributed to three publications for the conference, on which two G+P staff members appeared as lead authors. The following three papers were written and presented in the session Tyre-Road-Noise. The content of the papers is entirely focused on noise control: While two of the three papers mainly focus on the optimization of noise protection on road surfaces, the third paper presents possible improvements to the EU tire label. This paper was written in cooperation with the international research consortium STEER, in which G+P was project leader.

Review and outlook

By writing scientific conference papers, G+P was able to share current research topics with a broad international audience. In doing so, authoring scientific papers in broad, international research panels demonstrates the recognition and relevance of G+P's research. Likewise, physical participation led to many exciting discussions with various international experts in acoustics. This opens up the possibility for G+P to advise its customers with the latest scientific methods in the usual quality. By participating in the conference, the international research network could be met, cultivated and expanded. This is the cornerstone for the continuous development of research at G+P.