DECIBASE - the modern web application for managing your noise data

Does the planned new building require a noise assessment? Are the noise protection measures already in place still sufficient? Will the noise limits still be complied with in ten years' time if traffic continues to increase? With the DECIBASE web application you have fast, intuitive access to noise data along roads or railway lines to answer these questions.

DECIBASE - the modern web application for managing your noise data

Noise protection as a permanent task

"Noise protection is a permanent task" - this principle was laid down by the Federal Council in the "National Action Plan to Reduce Noise Pollution". In 2021, the Noise Abatement Ordinance was adapted to the new strategy. The enforcement authorities need tools to plan the continuous reduction of noise and to monitor the effectiveness of measures. Our DECIBASE web application is tailored to these needs:

  • Fast access to noise pollution, emission data, remediation projects, measures
  • Tool for evaluations, comparisons and monitoring of noise values
  • Configurable and expandable

DECIBASE is aimed at enforcement authorities at communal, cantonal or federal level as well as railway companies. The web application is already in use in several cantons and at the Bern-Solothurn regional railway (RBS).

This is what sets DECIBASE apart:

  • Access via the web: Application and data are centrally managed and accessible via the web browser. This means you do not need to install any new software.
  • Find information quickly: For noise questions, you can find the desired information with search terms or via the map.
  • Interfaces: Integrate customised maps from GIS services, such as cadastral survey data, noise sensitivity levels, etc.
  • Exports: Select the desired data and export it to Office formats (Excel, Word), geodata formats (Shapefile, GeoJson, OGC Geopackage) or to the Minimal Geodata Model.
  • Monitoring: Integrate data from a cadastral noise model and monitor the development of noise pollution.
  • Basis for planning and forecasting: See at a glance on the map where action is needed or analyse the impact of scenarios.
  • With the optional CPX module, you can integrate the results of CPX measurements (pavement quality).
  • Languages: German and French, switch in seconds.

Decibase: Zonenplan, Emissionsabschnitte (braune Linien) und Lärm-Berechnungspunkte (türkis)In Decibase you can superimpose various map themes. Shown here: The zone plan, emission sections (brown lines) and noise calculation points (turquoise).

Work can also be beautiful

With "LärmDB_SLVollzug", G+P has already developed and successfully operated an application for the administration of data from noise remediation several years ago. In developing DECIBASE, we were able to benefit from this experience and the expertise within the company. A core concern of our development team is intuitive operation. We therefore developed the user interface together with usability experts from AdNovum.

Quote from a customer: "It's simply a joy to work with!"

Decibase ist als Web-GIS aufgebaut und enthält eine Toolbar mit Suchfeld und diversen ausklappbaren ModulenDecibase is structured as a web GIS and contains a toolbar with search field and various fold-out modules. With the export module shown, a variety of noise topics can be exported to different file formats.

Is Decibase the right tool for you?

Do you manage noise remediation data today with LärmDB_SLVollzug, with Excel or in GIS projects? In DECIBASE, data from different sources can be integrated and analysed.

Do you periodically determine noise pollution in an overall model? With DECIBASE you can monitor the development of the noise situation, analyse the need for action and plan measures.

With DECIBASE you can answer questions from citizens on the noise situation and on measures taken or planned in no time at all.

With just a few clicks you can export the noise data for your WebGIS or for submission to the federal government and other authorities. For periodic evaluations, we will be happy to configure standard exports for you; for special analyses, we will be happy to assist you.

The combination of our expert knowledge in the field of noise and software is your advantage!


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