CPX comparison measurements in the Netherlands

The high reliability of the G+P CPX system has been proven again. In order to calibrate the CPX measuring systems, so-called Round Robin Tests are regularly carried out in the Netherlands with various CPX measuring systems. On invitation, G+P also went along in 2020. The results of our measuring system are excellent. Of the 8 different systems, the one from G+P is closest to the reference with excellent repeatability on porous as well as dense coatings.

CPX comparison measurements in the Netherlands

The tests were conducted in September 2020 in the province of Gelderland on two different pavements. The test sections consisted of 1020 meters of porous asphalt (DLPAC) and 2x600 meters of SMA-NL 11B pavements, which were measured at 24 °C. Each section was measured 6 times by each participant.

Overall, the G+P measurement system performed exceptionally well. The overall result across all measurements on both pavements shows that the G+P system performed best of all systems measured and was closest to the reference overall.

Messung Diagram

The results of these Round Robin measurements in the Netherlands prove the high quality of G+P's CPX measurements and their informative value and repeatability, which our customers have been enjoying for years.

All details about the measurements in Holland can be found in the linked report. 

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