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Sustainable mobility

The topic of "sustainable mobility" has been a focal point of policy in the Federal Council and parliament for years. Sustainable mobility covers all aspects of road and rail transport of goods and people (including walking and cycling) and air transport. "Sustainable" means managing the necessary mobility in the most environmentally friendly way possible, satisfying mobility needs as efficiently as possible in economic terms and providing access to mobility for all sections of the population and all parts of the country [Federal Roads Office, 2020]. 

Quieter tyres

G+P won the European tender of CEDR and has been researching the influence of quieter tires on European roads since December 2019. The consortium consists of a European tire manufacturer NOKIAN, three road research institutes: BRRC from Belgium, SINTEF from Norway and VTI from Sweden. The main objective of the STEER (Strengthening the Effect of quieter tyres on European Roads) project is to improve the existing labelling system and to provide policy makers with guidance to enable them to implement the introduction of quiet tyres in their countries and to improve their impact on European roads.

To this end, the existing labelling system will be analysed within STEER with regard to its weaknesses and solutions will be developed to increase reproducibility and representativeness. STEER also develops impact analyses and assessments of the effectiveness of different scenarios for the promotion of quiet tyres and provides EU bodies and national institutions with a selection of possible paths for practical implementation.



STEER hopes to achieve a European-wide tyre labelling scheme that will give consumers a "realistic" value for the noise emission of their tyres on European roads and enable them to make an objective purchasing decision. STEER also aims to harmonise tyre labelling and STEER will enable the relevant institutions to prepare the promotion of quieter tyres in an optimal way and to assess their impact on health and economy.

(click here for the official project website)

Quality index for cycle paths

G+P is committed to the development of new assessment standards for describing the quality of cycle paths. If better methods for describing the quality of cycle paths become available in the future, this will allow for the targeted allocation of resources to improve the cycle infrastructure in planning. G+P is convinced that a significant shift of commuter traffic from road and rail to cycling can be achieved by improving the quality of cycling infrastructure. 

Mobility concepts

G+P develops mobility concepts with the aim of optimally coordinating settlement and transport. 

Tyre/road noise

Our services include measurements to determine the acoustic quality of road surfaces, for example using the CPX trailer measurement method, as well as specific measurement methods and analyses for acoustic optimisation of road surfaces.

Building physics

Our expertise includes building and room acoustics as well as thermal building physics, building ecology and energy efficiency consultancy.


We specialise in developing environmental databases, noise calculation software, information systems and documentation – all tailored to the needs of our clients.

Research & development

We can count on an extensive national and international network in practice-oriented research in our key areas.

Environmental noise

We specialise in acoustic measurements and finding solutions to reduce noise emissions and vibrations from road traffic, railways, shooting ranges, commercial and industrial properties, building sites, etc.

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