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Impact of climate change

Switzerland is particularly hard hit by global warming. The consequences are already being felt. G+P is involved in the development and research of measures to reduce the consequences.

Reduction of the heat island effect

The higher air temperatures near the ground caused by the heat island effect affect people's health and daily life. Due to climate change, this effect is increasingly becoming a problem, especially in the densely built-up cities and agglomerations of the Mittelland. Heat waves occurring in the summer months are intensified and prolonged by the heat island effect. The heat stress impact on humans increases, which poses a threat to human health, especially for children and the elderly. It can lead to an increase in mortality rates.

G+P projects on this topic:

  • G+P is conducting a research project on behalf of the Swiss Confederation to investigate the potential of cool road surfaces to reduce the heat island effect and to clarify questions on practical use such as construction, costs, maintenance and noise impact (click here for the official project page). 

  • On behalf of cities, cantons and municipalities, G+P conducts metrological monitoring to investigate the effects of various measures to reduce the heat island effect.

Tyre/road noise

Our services include measurements to determine the acoustic quality of road surfaces, for example using the CPX trailer measurement method, as well as specific measurement methods and analyses for acoustic optimisation of road surfaces.

Building physics

Our expertise includes building and room acoustics as well as thermal building physics, building ecology and energy efficiency consultancy.


We specialise in developing environmental databases, noise calculation software, information systems and documentation – all tailored to the needs of our clients.

Research & development

We can count on an extensive national and international network in practice-oriented research in our key areas.

Environmental noise

We specialise in acoustic measurements and finding solutions to reduce noise emissions and vibrations from road traffic, railways, shooting ranges, commercial and industrial properties, building sites, etc.

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