A real plus for people and the environment

SLIP – the software for noise forecasts

SLIP is a powerful engineering software that has established itself throughout Switzerland in the processing of noise abatement projects, the compiling of noise registers, acoustic dimensioning and the economic evaluation of noise protection measures and remediation planning. It is constantly being improved and adapted to meet increasing everyday demands and the needs of users. SLIP'16 – the latest version – has expanded the functionality of the software once again.

The following calculation models are implemented in SLIP (full version):

  • Traffic noise (StL-86+ with reflections option)
  • Railway noise (SEMIBEL with reflections option)
  • Point and surface sources (frequency-dependent expansion as per ISO 9613)

SLIP is available in German and French.
System requirements (SLIP‘16): ≥ Windows 7 ; ≥2 GB RAM