A real plus for people and the environment


The following processes can be accomplished more efficiently with the traffic noise enforcement module:

  • Creation and presentation of noise pollution registers
  • Reviewing of noise reduction projects by engineering offices
  • Interface to noise calculation programs (QSI interface)
  • Recording of noise pollution at building and reception point level
  • Recording of short- and long-term noise
  • Recording of noise protection measures such as speed reduction, road surface renovation, noise barriers, sound proof windows, etc.
  • Creation of tables, data sheets and reports based on templates
  • End-to-end project management for the installation of soundproof windows, including correspondence
  • Management of costs, benefits, deadlines and budgeting for individual noise protection projects
  • Dispatch of annual reports to the Federal Office for the Environment on the status of noise reduction (Art. 20 survey, automated)
  • The application is flexible and can be adjusted to meet the specific needs of individual database operators. It is available in German and French