A real plus for people and the environment


In many fields and business areas there is a need for specialised IT tools to support complex work methods and processes. This includes, for example, software for the systematic collection of data, tools for the automation of work processes or programs for analysing complex information.

Our solution

The IT department of Grolimund + Partner has many years of experience with software and database projects. Whether you are the technical unit for a public administration office or a private enterprise, we can offer you professional support in the implementation of an IT project. The targeted use of Grolimund + Partner IT products can generate considerable added value for you.

Service description

  • Strong client focus and professional support when collecting and analysing specific client needs
  • Rapid, efficient implementation of the desired requirements
  • Monitoring of the rollout of software in the company for the support of existing processes
  • Continuous improvement of software through intensive exchange of ideas with clients and users as well as ongoing change and release management
  • Training courses and close assistance for users through fast and competent support services

Contact person

Toni Ziegler – 062 836 30 33