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Today’s world has seen a huge increase in the creation and storage of digital data, which is leading to an ever-growing accumulation of data. Examples in the area of noise abatement include abatement information in the noise databases of G+P, traffic information in extensive traffic models and the steady growth in the amount of data captured through noise measurement (such as surveys or monitoring measurements using the CPX procedure). All of these examples illustrate that a lot of the data is of a spatial nature. It is precisely for this reason that G+P has increasingly explored GIS and the various options for analysing and visualising spatial data.

Our solution

G+P is equipped with licences from ESRI, the leading provider of GIS software, and is able to offer you GIS services as the owner of extensive geodata sets. We enable you to search for spatial connections in the data and to visualise the results with our assistance.

Service description

  • Analysis of spatial data and derivation of connections in the data with the help of GIS software ArcGIS and the two extensions Spatial Analyst and 3D Analyst.
  • Development of tools based on ArcGIS for the automated processing and analysis of geodata sets.
  • Visualisation of complex issues and results.

Contact person

Toni Ziegler – 062 836 30 33