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The areas in which IT solutions are used are often subject to considerable changes. This leads to variable underlying conditions and requirements for software products.

Our solution

In order for our IT tools to always satisfy current needs in the area in which they are used, we offer professional and client-focused change and release management. The IT team of G+P meets regularly for an exchange of ideas with customers so that upcoming changes can be spotted early. We try to find proactive solutions for the new challenges. Another important source of feedback is our close working relationship with the users of our tools. This close contact with users enables problems with the tools to be quickly identified and solved.

Service description

  • Regular exchange of ideas with clients
  • Active monitoring of changes in the areas where our IT solutions are used
  • Close contact with users to ensure upcoming difficulties and needs can be quickly identified and solved

Contact person

Toni Ziegler – 062 836 30 33