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Seemingly identical or similar low-noise road surface formulae sometimes result in very different noise reductions. In addition, some road surfaces behave very differently over time with no simple explanation possible based on ordinary tyre-road noise measurements.

Our solution

We offer developers, construction firms and road owners acoustic impact analyses to examine the actual causes of such differences and find urgently needed answers to future acoustic improvements to the surfaces.

Service description

  • The relevant acoustic properties of the road surface to be assessed are ascertained using laser texture, air flow resistance and sound absorption measurements. This data serves as a basis for the modelling and is used to interpret the findings.
  • The contact forces between tyres and the road surfaces are calculated using a tyre-road surface interaction model, and based on these, the acoustic impact with regard to noise generation and propagation effects such as the horn effect and noise absorption, are determined.
  • CPX rolling noise spectra are evaluated in combination with the results of the modelling for the actual impact analyses, and statements derived from this on the acoustic efficiency of the surface.

Contact persons

Erik Bühlmann – 031 356 20 06
Emanuel Hammer – 031 356 32 21


Analyses for the optimisation of low-noise road surfaces