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The amount of traffic noise is strongly influenced by the quality of the road surfaces. In order to make accurate noise predictions, it is necessary to know the acoustic condition of the surface.

Our solution

The CPX trailer method can be used to efficiently gather data from entire road networks. We conduct measurements on behalf of cantons and cities and prepare the data in such a way that it can be used directly in the moise calculation models. This nationwide assessment of acoustical road conditions is also used, along with technical parameters, to define priorities for road maintenance.

Service description

  • CPX (close proximity) measurements using the survey method. G+P’s two standardised measurement trailers enable that the acoustic quality of the surface can be recorded continuously over the entire length of a section. The acoustic quality can be assessed for individual streets or for an entire road network.
  • Preparation of the measurement data for direct use in noise calculation models and for the use in noise abatement projects. Statistical analysis in order to derive acoustically homogeneous sections. Calculations of the mean values.
  • Visualisation of the results in the form of printed and electronic maps or GIS layers. In addition to the measured values displayed in colour, the calculated mean values of the sections as well as information on the road surfaces are displayed as labels.
  • Output of the data as maps and georeferenced shapefiles.

Contact persons

Tina Saurer – 031 356 20 04
Björn Probst – 062 836 63 44


Surveying entire road networks