A real plus for people and the environment


  • Planning a conversion or renovation requires an assessment of the building’s current condition. To do so, a building energy certificate or a comprehensive energy analysis are needed.
  • A new building requires certification to an energy standard such as Minergie-P or Minergie-A-Eco.

Our solution

  • We look at your property or project in terms of energy. We then draw up concepts and advise you on how to implement them.
  • We assess your project design with regard to energy consumption, show you the potential for optimisation and provide you with the proof of thermal insulation or guide you through the certification process.

Service description

  • Creation of insulation concepts and proof of energy measures
  • Analysis of the energy condition of existing properties, including listed historical monuments
  • Drafting of renovation concepts and applications for funding
  • Analysis of structural damage, drafting of expert opinions and recommendations for redevelopment, renovation and repair
  • Technical monitoring of construction projects on the construction site
  • Calculations and simulations of thermal bridges, indoor climate and moisture diffusion behaviour of construction components and buildings
  • Advice on and supervision of construction projects with regard to the environment and sustainability