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Detailed knowledge about the state of a building structure is of great importance for quality assurance of new buildings as well as for the planning of targeted renovation and redevelopment measures for existing buildings.  

Our solution

Our comprehensive expertise in measurement technology allows us to analyse the state of your building regarding acoustics, thermal energy and humidity.  Based on the acquired data and undertaken simulations we develop renovation and redevelopment measures and support you during the implementation phase.

Service description

Drafting of measurement concepts and carrying out of measurements to determine:

  • Airborne and impact sound insulation
  • Reverberation time and speech intelligibility
  • Room air temperature and humidity
  • Humidity of building components, surface temperature
  • Infrared thermography images from the interior and exterior, as well as for detecting heating pipes or functional testing of photovoltaic elements
  • Air tightness measurements and leak detection
  • Room air measurements

Contact persons

Aarau branch
Michael Zuckschwerdt – 062 836 63 48

Berne branch
Mathias von Arx – 031 356 20 08

Zurich branch
Jürg Zweifel – 062 836 63 41

Neuchâtel branch
Morgane Dumont – 032 720 26 05


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Swiss parliament building - east wing

SIKA technology centre

Federal House of communication

Federal Army library

Civil Library total renovation