A real plus for people and the environment


The construction of buildings in the 1980s and earlier often also included materials that were harmful to health. Besides, the composition of today's building materials and products can lead to emissions of pollutants.

Our solution

We view the property, take material samples and draft a renovation concept as well as carrying out a contaminant screening. During the subsequent renovation as well as in new buildings, we give you advice regarding the choice of materials and the construction design. Before commissioning, we carry out measurements of indoor air hygiene. As an accredited office for indoor air hygiene measurements, we also carry out control measurements on Minergie-Eco buildings.

Service description

  • Visual screenings of old properties to look for building pollutants
  • Detailed analysis of construction materials based on samples
  • Drafting and supervision of renovation concepts and removal of pollutants
  • Advice and support of renovation and new buildings
  • Measurements for analysis and assessment of indoor air hygiene

Contact person

Aarau, Bern and Zurich branch

Hans-Lukas Kramer - 031 356 20 14

Neuchâtel  branch

Pius Leuba - 031 356 32 22