A real plus for people and the environment


Precise information on traffic (number of vehicles, proportion of heavy goods traffic and speed) are important output values for noise calculations. There is often a lack of reliable traffic data at the start of noise abatement projects.

Our solution

The missing data can be rapidly and reliably determined with the help of radar-based traffic detection devices.

Service description

  • Planning, implementation and evaluation of traffic surveys with radar-based traffic detection devices and random sample counts
  • Our eight radar-based devices (Sierzega SR3 and SR4) enable us to perform flexible medium-sized traffic counts. For larger projects, we can rent additional devices at any time from our partners (Bredar, Roduner BSB)
  • Data processing using geoinformatics systems (ArcGIS) and databases (noise DB)

Contact persons

Aarau branch
Christoph Ammann – 062 836 30 31

Berne branch
Andreas Schluep –  031 356 20 10

Neuchâtel branch
Laurent Cosandey –  032 720 26 01

Zurich branch
André Köpfli –  043 366 60 62