A real plus for people and the environment


Many people are exposed to considerable noise levels. Legal limits have been set in the Environmental Protection Act (EPA) to protect the population from noise exposure. These limits cannot be complied with on many sections of road, and the road owners are required to reconstruct their roads.

Our solution

We record the noise situation in its entirety in areas exposed to noise for the federal government, cantons and municipalities, carry out action studies to reduce noise levels and implement noise reduction projects.

Service description

  • Traffic and noise emission data is processed and forms the basis of the noise calculation
  • Using digital calculation models, noise pollution is modelled and presented in various ways as isophonic maps or noise maps for individual buildings, thereby illustrating remediation needs
  • Action and variant studies for road surface replacement, speed reductions and noise barriers are implemented as part of noise reduction projects
  • Installation of soundproof windows is planned, with professional support throughout implementation
  • Success monitoring

Contact persons

Aarau branch
Christoph Ammann – 062 836 30 31

Berne branch
Andreas Schluep –  031 356 20 10

Neuchâtel branch
Laurent Cosandey – 032 720 26 01

Zurich branch
André Köpfli –  043 366 60 62


Noise abatement on cantonal roads

Noise abatement on municipal roads

Noise abatement projects on national roads