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Noise emissions from sports facilities and everyday noise repeatedly result in noise complaints. The perception of such noise complaints is often highly subjective. Those affected react very differently depending on their attitude to the source of the noise (church bells, football pitch, pets, etc.).

Our solution

To ensure that problems can be resolved rapidly or prevented, it is important to have an open dialogue between all parties concerned. A neutral noise survey is an ideal starting point for the dialogue between all interest groups and for drawing up suggested solutions.

Service description

  • Drawing up expert opinions for noise from sports facilities and everyday noise
  • Noise emission measurements at the source
  • Noise pollution measurements at the locations affected
  • Collaboration on developing operational and structural mitigation measures
  • Development of neutral bases for the dialogue between residents and the operator/user of a facility or the neighbourhood

Contact persons

Aarau branch
Christoph Ammann – 062 836 30 31

Berne branch
Andreas Schluep –  031 356 20 10

Neuchâtel branch
Laurent Cosandey –  032 720 26 01

Zurich branch
André Köpfli –  043 366 60 62


Noise assessment sports facilities

Noise assessment for a restaurant

Noise assessment church bells

Noise assessment sports facilities

Noise assessment shooting ranges

Football stadium Stade de Suisse

Noise assessment sports facilities