A real plus for people and the environment


Implementation of the Noise Abatement Ordinance is an extremely challenging and lengthy task. The enforcement authorities face a number of issues and challenges.

Our solution

Our extensive experience in the area of external noise and our multilingual team mean we are the ideal partner. We can provide competent advice and also take on administrative work in the event of staff shortages.

Service description

  • We advise our partners in developing implementation concepts
  • We compile instructions and technical data sheets in close collaboration with the enforcement authorities
  • We develop appropriate tools to simplify and standardise the application of implementation concepts
  • We prepare sample documents and plans as report templates for noise reduction projects
  • We are available for part-time mandates for project management support in noise reduction projects

Contact persons

Aarau branch
Christoph Ammann – 062 836 30 31

Berne branch
Andreas Schluep –  031 356 20 10

Neuchâtel branch
Laurent Cosandey –  032 720 26 01

Zurich branch
André Köpfli –  043 366 60 62


Project management support

Technical guidelines for the determination of economic efficiency of noise abatement measures WTI

National guidline road traffic noise

XLS tool creation for economic efficiency calculations of noise abatement measures