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Noise emissions from large and complex facilities often lead to major discussions between those affected, the originators and the authorities without the actual noise pollution being accurately known.

Our solution

Noise measurements are often the only means of determining facts that are accepted by all parties. In practice, it is not always easy to record measurements from the various sources of noise due to background noise and the impact of the weather. Careful planning is therefore essential to ensure the issues can be responded to with measurements.

Service description

  • Drawing up a detailed measurement concept
  • Performance of emission and noise pollution measurements at the locations concerned. Thanks to the large pool of measuring devices available (Norsonic 110, 116, 121, 130, 141), we are able to record noise pollution at more than ten spots simultaneously
  • Sound and video recording in parallel with the noise measurements
  • Recording of meteorological conditions using a weather station
  • Evaluation of the results using NorReview evaluation software
  • Development of a noise calculation model based on the results of the measurements

Contact persons

Aarau branch
Christoph Ammann – 062 836 30 31

Berne branch
Andreas Schluep –  031 356 20 10

Neuchâtel branch
Laurent Cosandey –  032 720 26 01

Zurich branch
André Köpfli –  043 366 60 62


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